Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Images from the Moomba Parades from 1962 - 1965

(prompted by Tim's Sars post)


Bwca said...

OMG it's Bernie Briquette - complete naivety and not that long ago (OMG-again, why do I think 40 years is 'not long'?).
I was surprised by The Collectors report on the Moomba Museum last week, and I was reminded that there was a death one year when a RMIT student fell from a float - I hoped the parents weren't watching the show.

boynton said...

We were never formally introduced.

(I'd forgotten his name, if I ever knew it at all)

But you inspired me to go looking for more bernies.

There's lots of good Moomba stories in the City of Melb site.