Thursday, February 05, 2004


because I'm a beatles fan - another site Beathoven a web site dedicated to the study of the music of the Beatles
( found in the extensive soundscape links page via a comment at J Walk)

because of time constraints I have only tackled one song to date:
This short series examines Because and the Moonlight Sonata, the Beethoven piece which inspired it.

The story of Because has been told many times: Lennon asked Ono to play Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata backwards and then wrote Because around the reversed chord sequence.

To accompany the intriguing reading I found a wav of Moonlight to reverse on line at
Listen to songs backwards

I also noticed a couple of beatle numbers at this Music Reversals sample page.
The Beatle's song "Help" contains an interesting backward message. This song was recorded at around the time the Beatles began to experiment with drugs. The reversal says. "Now he uses marijuana." There is no superimposed soundtrack and the chorus also sings marijuana in the background.

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