Tuesday, February 24, 2004

better gardens

The wonderful Path To Freedom "Our objective is to live harmoniously and sustainably as possible in the midst of the city" has a before and after photo gallery of the house and garden (via Vegan Blog)

Practicing stewardship of the land has turned our small property into a haven for many "wild" animals. There are a variety of birds feasting on the multitude of bugs and seeds, butterflies and bees that busily pollinate our plants, and a family of squirrels. We get night visits from possums and even a cute little skunk has taken up residence under a neighbor's house.

As I walk along the streets of this definitively fifties middle suburb - that is rather comforting and charming in its clean-shaven lawn-driven ecologicallly-challenged way, I notice one house that is quite different. There is no lawn but the garden is full of carefully landscaped native plants. Not the free-for-all banksia bonanza and horticutural sins of the seventies, but obviously thought out and well balanced and maintained. Quite striking and quietly inspiring. Especially after the rain.

I tried creating a garden at this local site Flora for Fauna but may have to modify my vast selection of plants. And also acquire a selection on which to put these virtual ideas into practice.

Interesting to read on the Keeping your native plants healthy fact sheet that Iron deficiency is a very common disorder in native plants... As the iron defficient women used to say on that Ad for eating Meat ...I thought it was probably just the weather

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