Sunday, January 16, 2005

Witold Riedel The Bear (via The Cartoonist)

And meanwhile a sighting of black labs

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You sure they're not bears, too? I think they are; I recognise them.

I'll get my mate the pig to have a look.
Posted by Pooh at January 16, 2005 03:48 PM

It's easy to mistake a Black Labrador for a Bear.
Or an eeyore.
Then again, some can see a Piglet in a Jack Russell Terrier.
Posted by boynton at January 16, 2005 04:47 PM

There black bears in Labrador?!? I didn't know that.

You know, Eyesore lived in a stye.
Posted by Tony.T at January 16, 2005 05:22 PM

... and Hamlet lived in style in Elsinore. Or was it Piglet?
Posted by Sedgwick at January 16, 2005 05:29 PM

I think it was some Great Dane.
Posted by boynton at January 16, 2005 06:02 PM

Nope; just Hagar's son.
Posted by Tony The Tigger at January 16, 2005 09:48 PM

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