Sunday, January 16, 2005

weak wire

Often visitors arrive at boynton searching for “doorbell rings by itself”

I may now cast the google net further by adding “radio plays by itself ”
My CD player, un spinning for 2 years, was recently repaired.
But now it has an unsettling habit of suddenly breaking out of its stand-by silence into radio talk.
I had blamed terrier-paw-somewhere-on-remote
as there had been a precedent for this of yore, albeit labrador
But today, no dog was about when the cricket came on out of the blue.
No terrier or heeler had wanted the score
to interrupt the lazy Sunday afternoon snore fest
(and we all could have just said to the cricket:
That was uncalled for)

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However, other visitors arrive at boynton searching for 'boynton' via only to find to their shock and bemusement that ...

boynton is here
boynton is gifted at coupling wonderful
boynton is notorious for its narrow channel and strong currents
boynton is distributing buttons with the slogan
boynton is the founder
boynton is also constructing a high
boynton is on one of six science teams that will study 433 eros on the year
boynton is the undisputed queen
boynton is a cleansing and purifying vortex and one of my favorite hikes
boynton is sweet balm for the spirit
boynton is back and better than ever with completely redrawn versions of her multi
boynton is the place where dennis was raised
boynton is the principal investigator for a suite of instruments onboard odyssey collectively known as the gamma
boynton is the perfect spot to hit on the way downtown
boynton is the principle investigator for the gamma ray spectrometer suite on the mars odyssey
boynton is currently a ph
boynton is the principal investigator for the gamma ray spectrometer suite of instruments
boynton is due out with a new line this may
boynton is someone who understands the profound importance of nonsense and silly beans
boynton is unable to meet the requirements
boynton is living in an altogether different world

BUT, boynton is not the only one revved up and ready to go ...

tony taylor is a little bigger and a tad faster version of what

barista is today a part of our vocabulary

nabakov is the most animated and interesting of all the lecturers ant 201 has

gummo is simply a series of incidents with no central narrative
Posted by Sedgwick at January 16, 2005 05:02 PM

At last there are blog descriptions to rival those of KP's at Troppo.

I like the second for b, And/or:
boynton is someone who understands the profound importance of nonsense and silly beans

tony taylor is enthusiastic about colour management

barista is wearing a purple apron and glitter eye shadow

nabakov is spiderman you keep telling yourself that

gummo is what you might get if dostoyevsky wrote a roseanne episode that was then directed by jean

AND AND - any one of these:

sedgwick is as much a platform for ambiguous postmodern musings about the culture of a celebrity as it is a rock band

sedgwick is packed full of fossils ...

sedgwick is approximately 183

sedgwick is probably the easiest peak you will ever bag

sedgwick is a queer theorist in the tradition of derrida

sedgwick is a republican and has served on the school board but has refused to accept any other office

sedgwick is said to have bombarded female cast members with letters as well as loitering

sedgwick is the latest from pop artist and filmmaker andy warhol's menagerie of actors to serve as the inspiration for a feature film

sedgwick is still searching the records...

others may feel free to weigh in here...
(or to comment about weak circuits ;) )

Posted by ph at January 16, 2005 06:00 PM

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