Tuesday, January 11, 2005

audio notes

The very notion that a professional musician, music lover, and audiophile such as myself could hear differences between cables was summarily dismissed as delusional...

The session was not easy. The stress of listening for subtle differences resulted in people frequently leaving the room for snacks and stretching. Before the session had concluded, a good half of the participants had already bid us adieu. This did not bode well for a blind listening test conducted without breaks...

We divided volunteers into two test groups. The first group arrived at 11 AM, with protocol explication beginning at 11:15. We broke around 1 for food. Agreeing not to say a thing about the test, the first group welcomed members of the second group at 1:30 for joint munching...

Can We Hear Differences Between AC Power Cords?
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Why is the violin so hard to play

The physics of plucked and bowed strings - Linear versus nonlinear

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