Friday, January 28, 2005

art action

Bosch action figures (via bifurcated rivets)

See also : figures based on artists including Bruegel, Dali, Degas, Modigliani.

Mike Leavitt's Art Army (see the gallery)
one of a kind Art Army action figures based on famous and infamous artists

Comments: art action

Well, I'll be! I though you meant Bosch. You know, power tools. Drills, saws and things that rout, smooth and edge.
Posted by Tony.T at January 30, 2005 06:20 PM

Actually a couple of the Bosch look like Bosch numbers.

And perhaps Post-Bosch. When Tools go wrong.
Posted by boynton at January 30, 2005 07:06 PM

Meanwhile in Africa where they take a less polarised and more empirical view of the next life.

Incidentally, I've seen the actual heavenly Bosch triptych at the Prado and it is truly transcendental when you actually stand in front of the mind-fucking thing.

It's much smaller than you'd think (about the size of a big fire screen. About 4' high by 6' long) but the colour and detail still glows and bites like demon jewels - even after centuries.

I reckon Bosch baby was like Bill Blake – he had a freakish metabolism that produced its own internal LSD.
Posted by Nabakov at January 31, 2005 10:54 PM

Amazing... I hope that link gets clicked. The text is pretty good too.

The gynaecologist's model is bold, but the hammer is art. What would an undertaker choose?

"What the hammer? What the chain?
In what furnace was thy brain?"
Posted by boynton at January 31, 2005 11:22 PM

WOW! thank you for finding me out of the darkness and bringing me into the strange light of your blog! what a sweet little glowing gem i've found digging through the google rubble this morning! the link to the gallery has changed, it's now-

and there's more pictures of older (and not quite as cool) figures on my website-

thank you. i love you whoever you are!
Posted by mike leavitt at February 9, 2005 07:03 AM

oh! and there's no picture of the Bosch figure at the gallery website- boynton send me your email address so i can email a bosch pic to you directly- my outlook express don't work so i can't get your email address off the blog page
Posted by mike leavitt at February 9, 2005 07:08 AM

Thanks for dropping by. mr.mike.
your figures are fab.

This will go directly to that gallery
Posted by boynton at February 9, 2005 04:32 PM

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