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Tom Beckett interview with Crag Hill  A great read on poetry, ekphrastic writing - and blogging at e-x-c-h-a-n-g-e-v-a-l-u-e-s

TB: I didn't mean to suggest that your blog entries aren't well thought out. But I do think a blog constitutes a funny kind of hybrid social space--straddling the public and private, the formal and informal, high and low, etc. A blog makes possible a kind of intimacy, in the manner of a diary or open notebook. A blog tends to be used as a soapbox, too, in a way that other literary platforms may not be. Political content often creeps in as part of the mix. Rants. It's the immediacy of the medium, I guess, that allows full reign for venting. I, for one, am still scratching my head about how to use blogs to best effect. How do you think blogging inflects your other writing? Is it an aid or a hindrance? Or a bit of both? Is blogging of a piece with that other work? Or does it exist on a different level? Do you see yourself continuing with your Scorecard into the indefinite future?...

CH: ... But has the medium inflected my writing? Has it changed it as other media has? Not yet, but I keep pondering, as you do, too, in your eloquent question, the possibilities of Blog. The program foregrounds the most recent entry, giving it some narrative bending potential – i.e. reading the end of a story, a poem, a rant, first, then scrolling down to the beginning, much like the unrolling of our personal experiences. I’ve been thinking of ways to take advantage of that programming. The main drawback: are there any blog readers who read below the first two-three entries they encounter on a blog? How to entice someone to read deep into the archives….? Other than that I think blogging is an electronic version of media that’s existed for millennia. Bells and whistles...

Comments: exchange

"ekphrastic" had me racing to

"Did you mean Ecphractic?"

Mebbe, how would I know?

Errrm? R i i i i ght ... ?!

"Serving to dissolve or attenuate viscid matter, and so to remove obstructions; deobstruent."

A definition as ecphractic as mud.

Posted by Sedgwick at January 11, 2005 06:05 PM

You had me blushing at what I imagined was one of my
trademark typos. I cut and pasted it but you never know. So checked - half flinching - the article...

"ekphrasis (art inspired by other forms of art)"

"ekphrastic" writing eg Poems about paintings.
Posted by boynton at January 11, 2005 06:14 PM

Oh well, serves me right for charging off to "" (sic, see above) and ecpecting an awnser.

That said, it is my intention from now until the great librarian in the sky calls me on my overdue fine is to use that word at least once a week - even if it means feigning Tourette's.

... and I feel an impressionistic pome coming on. Watch this space.

Ekphrastic Friday could be the new black ... Friday that is.
Posted by Sedgwick at January 11, 2005 06:37 PM

If you sneezed it could be onomatopoeia.

If you sneezed ekphrastically it could be onomatopoetry?

I endorse the idea of Ekphrastic Friday.
Will it clash with the cats?
Posted by boynton at January 11, 2005 09:44 PM

Given that "Paris, T*xas" is an example of parataxis, could we be looking at some ekphrastic onomatopoeia here?

I only ask 'cos the fate of millions depends on the answer.
Posted by Nabakov at January 11, 2005 11:14 PM

The reason I put a * in the middle of the name of the Lone Star State is because some bloggerwarebot responded with:

"Your comment could not be submitted due to questionable content: T*xas."

(Fuck me, I couldn't even cut and paste its own response about not letting 'T.E.X.A.S' through.)

Jeez, even the semi-autonomous software's getting all narky and po-mo about a certain US state and its attendent attitudes as reflected online.
Posted by Nababov at January 11, 2005 11:24 PM

One of my fondest memories.

On a trip to Japan with Walter Mitty and Leonard Zelig listening to the sounds of the smashing, crashing, bashing Hokusaic waves from atop Onamata Pier.

(Runs away quickly in search of a non tautological DYI seppuku book.)

Posted by Sedgwick at January 12, 2005 05:53 AM

Nabakov. I wonder if the T*xas Chainsaw Massacre
an example of alleGory?
(sorry - bit slow on the uptake today. Could not get past thinking T-Rope)
Curious about the *. I think the bot is getting a bit beat or concrete on us.

on a matter of peer review, here's looking at you, Sedge
Posted by boynton at January 12, 2005 12:12 PM

- as you are a Peer, of course.
Posted by boynton at January 12, 2005 01:03 PM

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