Thursday, January 27, 2005


I was searching for Bruch and found this review:

What's not to like? These two concertos were recorded during Mutter and Karajan's "sweater period", when all of their album covers, whether for DG or EMI, had them wearing some sort of knitwear that they'd mix 'n match depending on whether the picture was on the front or back cover. Somehow it seems less of a fashion statement than it once did, if it ever did. Oh yeah, the music. Like I said, "What's not to like?"

I hadn't heard of the "sweater period" before - but found some violinists discussing the sweater recordings here.

I grew up as a student listening to her "sweater" recordings and I like them as much as any interpretation I have ever heard.

OK her post Karajan (sweater) days may not live up to her younger recordings but she's still very individual...

...I think I'll stick to her sweater day recordings...

I treasure my Mozart CD and will probably get a few other of the sweater recordings now.

I rushed out to check the household's two sweaters four seasons and luckily it bore the stamp of matching knitwear (Karajan posing with sweater in forest on the back cover). I will try to team it with the Beethoven blue and definitely the Bruch red and tan ensemble.

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