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Descriptions from the Emilio Segre Visual Archives, Physicists Photos, Harlow Shapley

Harlow Shapley (Pictures and photos of)

suit; standing; talking; outdoors
L-R: hat ; coat ; walking ; talking ;
full-face; suit; standing
profile; suit; outdoors; standing; talking; boat
suit; sitting; outdoors; table; ocean;

three-quarter view; old age; suit; smiling
young; profile; suit; sitting; telephone
middle age; three-quarter view; suit; sitting; holding eyeglasses; desk; papers.
in the Observatory office he inherited
young; full-face; suit; standing; outdoors; at the time of his wedding
middle age; profile; suit; sitting; papers; desk; books; at his famous rotating desk
old age; profile; suit; sitting; smiling;

suit; hat; standing; outdoors; window;
suit; standing, receiving the Medals
suit; standing; outdoors; at the cornerstone
suit; standing; outdoors; chair
suit; standing; talking
full-face; suit; standing;
suit; coat; sitting;
standing; rug; picture; A dramatic moment
suit; sitting;
suit; standing; books
full-face; suit; inspecting the tube
standing; outdoors; and Mildred

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