Wednesday, January 19, 2005

not often seen

While Sims 2 espresso makers are mysteriously transforming sims lives (via follow me here)
I have recently become reacquainted with a tea caddy that does seem to transform the tea making process.
It used to sit as a purely decorative deco item alongside its 50's bakelite canister cousins, but once recommissioned has been found to be a marvellous thing indeed.
I attempted to draw it in lieu of digital camera but mysteriously my circles and clover leaves kept going pear-shaped. Basically it is distinguished by its windmill-type hat that measures out a generous portion of tea with each click. Googling it was quite bizarre as it seemed as if I had transcribed an obscure piece of code... wipfli T-metr
(Made in Melbourne sometime in the thirties)

Nothing turned up on eBay au either.
But I did notice a nice line or two of sales pitch poetry along the way.

Retro Kitsch 1970's Boxed West German Party Server

Pro Hart Races Tin Not Often Seen

President pre-1960 One-Door Round Yellow Fridge

Purple Glass Fish Shaped Small Dish

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