Wednesday, January 05, 2005

vintage suggest

a Google Suggest-like Dictionary based on the 1913 US Webster's Unabridged Dictionary which makes the experience even more like a parlour game, a verbal grandmother's footsteps.

I found it amusing, a pleasant way to pass a cricket-infested afternoon. At first I followed the suggestions to look up neologisms and great words of the 20 th century that would make no sense in 1913. (eg: Faxed a.: Hairy)
but after a while I preferred browsing.

Ha interj.: An exclamation denoting surprise, joy, or grief. Both as uttered and as written, it expresses a great variety of emotions, determined by the tone or the context. When repeated, ha, ha, it is an expression of laughter, satisfaction, or triumph, sometimes of derisive laughter; or sometimes it is equivalent to "Well, it is so."

Via (prep.: By the way of; as, to send a letter via Queenstown to London) J walk

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