Monday, February 07, 2005


...Since there are all those anonymous slime spammers and other malicemail promulgators and trolls, clueless wonders arrantly averse to collecting clues, deranged sorts, etc., around and with net access and no reasonable ways to play pin the tailtag on the donkey and have it -stay- there to filter the donkey out and block them from where they are yelling fire in crowded theaters or otherwise being disruptive and Excessively Annoying where in brick and mortary facilities they would be physically removed from the premises and banned from returning, there are major problems with spammers, horrendous signal ro noise ratios, ... to use SF convention terminology, the Internet is overrun with aan every-increasing infestation of parasites and ghosts and assorted other vermin related to them destroying the facilities and communities, that there aren't effective vermin suppression technologies and procedures for...

From a comment in a typically fascinating thread at Making Light. Some things I know about moderating conversations in virtual space.
Here’s a little bit of what I would have said on Liz Lawley’s panel on “Spammers, Trolls and Stalkers: The Pandora’s Box of Community.”

Comments: moderating

Every-one has a right to comment BUT if you don't like it RELAX,DELETE and get over it.
And in regards to people not writing their name, that's their right.
Posted by at February 7, 2005 06:32 PM

Although I think I might prefer the
RELAX, DISEMVOWEL and get over it
approach, if I have to.
Posted by boynton at February 8, 2005 11:46 AM

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