Friday, April 15, 2005

marble sigh

Not Speech Nor Silence Nor the Marble Sigh of Art
Nor all that Lonely Grief Has Writ in Tears...

Some lines at the Springthorpe Memorial which is described beautifully at Sorrow at Sills Bend

Comments: marble sigh

What a beautiful read.
He must had loved her dearly to put her in such a serene and romantic resting place.
lt is so romantic.
Posted by A Romantic at April 15, 2005 09:57 PM

I agree with Laura when she says it's all that and creepy too.
Something unsettling about such extravagance, even when you are struck by the beauty.
Posted by boynton at April 17, 2005 03:07 PM

How can an inscription that contains the phrase 'twelve years of earth's best love lie buried here' be creepy? If you researched him you would find that he was a remarkable man for his Oh that we should all be fortunate enough to feel such love or to be revered the way he revered her.
Posted by Fleur at October 16, 2005 06:19 PM

I was very moved by the place.
It really was beautiful that day, with grief still very much on my mind - and ways of remembrance and commemoration.
And I remember reading a little and thinking he did seem a remarkable man- so I hope no offence was taken. Would certainly like to read and know more about him.
The creepiness was as much to do with the general mood of a cemetery, so still and heavy with mortality as the High street traffic rolls past.
But I think it's the sheer scale that can seem unsettling too, to qoute Lucy:
"it gives a monumentally public form to an intensely private grief and mourning".
Posted by boynton at October 16, 2005 07:26 PM

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