Saturday, April 30, 2005

growling room

Growlery growl'er-ee, n (English; cf. Dutch grollen, to grumble)
A retreat for times of ill humour. This term has largely become obsolete, which is strange, given that so many people seem to have a place to go when they are in a bad mood - a place to be alone and think. It's similar in meaning to the Latin-derived sanctum sanctorum, with the added connotation that the individual in question is going to the place to be alone while upset.

The Phrontistery's Favourite words via the presurfer

Not a bad idea. It should be revived to go with the respective growling syndromes of moody men, women and sheep*. Ideally new warehouse conversions could accomodate both a growlery and a howlery.


*Recently it was irritable sheep, wasn't it?

The term Irritable Male Syndrome was coined by sheep psychologist Gerald Lincoln, a researcher at the Medical Research Council in Edinburgh, who observed similarities between irritable men and the behaviour of rams who at the end of the mating will behave badly

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