Friday, April 08, 2005


What the hoods of Boroondara say to each other, shooting the breeze on the concrete terraces at the back of Blockbuster:

If you want do up a car, you gotta get your hands on an old Mercedes...

Comments: hoods

behind me on a coach from Ballarat to melbourne, 2 guys who had both been in various gaols were having a conversation that was unbelievable and I started taking it down on every bit of paper I had in my bag. here, for your delectation is one exchange I swear is from true life -
One: "he started nicking ferraris with a nailfile and now he's in newcastle doing 15".
Two: "that's a long time for stealing cars?"
One: "Oh he killed a coupla doctors".
Two: "only cars less than 10 years old get counted"
One: "That makes sense."

Elmore Leonard knows how to write this dialogue. If I could cage these guys and just transcribe all their conversation, it would make Reservoir Dogs sound like Rocky & Bullwinkle.
Posted by Brownie at April 17, 2005 01:29 PM

That's bril, Brownie.
Love that first sentence. A classic.

I once shared a carriage with two guys like that from Geelong to Melb. No lines that could match yours though.

(btw - I hope my own post was not too obscure for non-melburnians. Boroondara being a rather snooty suburb in parts, this particular snippet sounded a bit silver-spoon to cut it - but maybe I got it wrong.)
Posted by boynton at April 17, 2005 03:21 PM

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