Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Searching for cockatoo posts and checking back into Birding Aus mailing list there's news of the flock that I was lucky enough to see last week.* (They didn't seem strung out to me but who knows what happened south of the river...)
At lunch today (after a kick of the footy, around 1:30pm), saw 50+ Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos flying Albert Park'wards

we heard familiar squealing calls which somehow sounded out of place. But sure enough, as we turned eastward along Alexandra Avenue, first a pair and then a whole flock of Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos (total about 20) were flying northward across the Yarra and beyond. A striking and unexpected sight.

...a strung-out flock of YTBCs flew over, heading east and not very far up...
I tried counting and ended up with a figure of 59...

And I notice Birding Aus has just started a blog

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