Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Super Special Picture of the Year
Promotional/comedic song about Ernst Lubitsch from 1934. Performed by "The Yacht Club Boys"

The Cinema of Ernst Lubitsch
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Love the clarinet opening.

Ernst must be disappointed. Leaving Germany, as he did, only to end up as Californian toast.
Posted by Tony.T at August 9, 2005 06:00 PM

Ernst toasted:
"Lubitsch had the greatest sense of humor of any individual I've ever met. The actors all loved him. He had a very . . . human quality about him. He was the type of man that became your friend after you met him once. A great man." -- Joseph M. Newman
Posted by boynton at August 9, 2005 06:41 PM

"What? Me worry?"

-- Alfred E Newman
Posted by Tony.T at August 9, 2005 09:31 PM

who newman
Posted by boynton at August 10, 2005 01:06 PM

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