Wednesday, August 24, 2005

but wait

Coincidentally I had been reading through the history and poring over the photos at Full Points Footy before reminiscing about the old-time religion in comments yesterday.

In 1967, London-based Victorian footy enthusiast Ted Ford decided that the time was ripe for a systematic Australian Rules invasion of Britain's capital...

Ford's final coup came when Athol Guy... a member of the popular singing group the Seekers, who were in London at the time, agreed to take part in the match. Guy was a former reserves player with Victorian Football League team St Kilda, and his involvement was seen as providing the final stamp of credibility to the venture...

With the venture obviously catching the attention of the public, follow up games were quickly arranged. A match between Earl's Court Magpies and Australian Dentists attracted 700 spectators and resulted in a win to the former by 36 points after a high standard contest.

London Footy Sixties Style

and also...
I notice some broken links from my blogspot days as you do. But the excellent SLV Victorian Rules Football Exhibition has been archived here

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