Sunday, August 14, 2005

meta reading

Tim Berners-Lee Towards a rewritable web (via the presurfer)

ML: When you think in terms of what it has allowed, what is the achievement of the web?

TBL: It allows people to exist in an information space which doesn't know geographical boundaries


William Gibson God's Little Toys. Confessions of a cut & paste artist. (via rebecca's pocket)

The remix is the very nature of the digital.

Today, an endless, recombinant, and fundamentally social process generates countless hours of creative product (another antique term?). To say that this poses a threat to the record industry is simply comic. The record industry, though it may not know it yet, has gone the way of the record. Instead, the recombinant (the bootleg, the remix, the mash-up) has become the characteristic pivot at the turn of our two centuries


Chris Sheil on blogging Following the proud highway
The presence of readers writing back within the blogging medium has added a further declension to Gonzo, and the results can be sensational...
If you fancy yourself with a keyboard, the challenge is irresistible. No publisher needed to be sold on my ideas. No editor stood in the way of my copy. There were no limits to my distribution. I could write to the world, before breakfast every day

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