Friday, April 09, 2004

sleeping dogs

these links seem to have found me, after a week of being house-bound on stitches-watch with my old post-operative dog. And the three dogs have also found me and surround me as I blog, a solace of sleeping hound.

Walking With Leeloo at Never Neutral

Dog Fights Reading and Writing
(as a cohab of a gentle old lab and a Jack Russell I understand some of the canine mix involved)

Legend Stupid Dogs - a gallery of canine close-ups.
(via the ultimate insult)

and a strange flash game that involves shooting dogs at zombie kittens, which is oddly enjoyable in a dumb toon sort of way. (And because walking with mad Flo can sometimes bring on strange revenge fantasies.)
(via diversionz)

Comments: sleeping dogs

ah dogs..
Coco the Wonderdog has had a tumour removed from a back foot and dogwarts off her back, so now she zooms around with a blue elastic sock and a big saddle of pink freckly skin on her back. And one of her front legs somehow gives so she occasionally lies down and screams unnervingly.

I battle with her on walks, thinking she has to be kept fairly sedentary till the stitches have healed, while she charges ahead to celebrate the end of the pain I gather must have come from her tumour. Grown up Protestantism cannot be communicated to a dog, even if you understand Lacan and Derrida in Spanish and English like your dauntingly educated doglover at Never Neutral..

lovely post, as usual.
Posted by David Tiley at April 9, 2004 06:03 PM

all the best for Coco in her post-operative zoom.
Amazing how they take the socks and saddles and e.collars in their stride.
The worst time was when I bound up Doug's stitched foot with a rubber glove (as you do) that stretched out with a squelch on each step. This drew much laughter from kids as we passed them, but we walked on regardless, waterproof, foolproof.
Posted by boynton at April 10, 2004 12:40 PM