Thursday, April 15, 2004


More on the page 23 sentence 5 meme

There I was pondering the memery of it all in the comments:...

I wondered if there had been any purpose in it.
The string of random 23/5's could gather strength as they accumulate, but will probably disapear off the screen/loop soon

...when I checked into J walk to discover a similar meme-track had taken place.

I wonder what it was about this one that made me want to find the source.
Perhaps I suspected I had come in late to the party. Or that the random bit of text with the form-like instructions seems like the essential meme, the start of a chinese whisper, spidering through the web.
Tracking seems to be the only way to quantify it, a backward linear anthology. Whereas it would be nice if all these 23/5's could assemble somewhere, as the running acronyms used to gather at blogstop. As one would expect it's all in the disjunction. The magic is in the gap between two random sentences.

A tangent from a commenter at J walk places it within the greater Mystery of 23

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