Monday, April 19, 2004

search tally

Fred recently provided the formula for searching your blog fast through Google. I had forgotton the wording. eg ephemera site:

This is most useful, and better than the in-house search, where you can hunt for Flo within Flowers (and a less flowery dog you'll never find)

That's another dog to add to the about 95 that Google had just told me exist on boynton.

This may be especially good for trawling the old blogspot archives which I failed to transfer. I also failed to set up categories, but my original joke about only needing two - canines and ephemera- seems to have been validated by a quick site tally through google. Trivia (29) Ephemera (13) and Op-shop (7) would fill up the latter category and help to balance the hounds.

The use of categories is one of the lures of a new blog, but I suspect one might also employ this lightning fast 3rd party archivist in a creative way.

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Thank you so much for that!
Posted by Michaela Cooper at April 24, 2004 06:54 AM

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