Monday, April 19, 2004

evolving meme

Incoming signals has taken the 23/5 meme further and has called for submissions.

I couldn't stop at just one book; here are the nearest six. They almost form a little story of their own, in a weird way. In fact, I wonder if that isn't the next logical step in the evolution of this meme—take sentence No. 5 from page 23 of the six or ten books nearest you, and arrange them to form a new story. It's sort of a variation on the game Exquisite Corpse.

so 23/5 from the six nearest books arranged in some sort of narrative order:

What is roasting weather to some can be pleasing to others.

On the other hand you may have just the thing for a fondue cook-in on your own kitchen shelves.

What is Virtue?

My father trusted Paul, he said Paul could build anything and fix anything.

"He already said thank you."

Go and tell your father what you mean to do

Geoffrey Blainey Black Kettle And Full Moon Viking 2003
Marie Roberson Hamm The gold Medal Fondue Cookbook Fawcett 1970
Carol Churchill Plays: 2 Methuen 1996
Margaret Atwood Surfacing Virago 1977
Jonathan Franzen The Corrections Fourth Estate 2001
Enid Blyton The Happy Story Book Brockhampton Press 1955

Comments: evolving meme

This would be even more fun if you had to guess which line came from where -- really, I'd've like to have considered that the 'what is virtue' quote came from the fondue cookbook -- it's a thought that I've found often arises in a fondue situation (something to do with all the schnapps that's required to wash down the cheese)
Posted by wen at April 22, 2004 12:35 PM

Great idea, wen. I'll add it to the list of possible variants in my head.

And perfect observation. We're planning to have a few fondue do's over here soon, (insert rhymimg suburb name ) so I'll keep it it mind.

(Perhaps the whole lot could be read as "dialogue from a Fondue")
Posted by boynton at April 22, 2004 01:41 PM

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