Thursday, April 15, 2004

da vinci stars

A curious horoscope for Virgos in The Age today:

Today is the birthdate of Leonardo Da Vinci, who knew how to get out of his own way so genius could pour through him unimpeded. Sometimes you have to leave things alone so what needs to happen, can.

What does this mean? I have studied the text but can't get my head around it.
Apart from the physical or metaphysical feat of knowing how to get out of his own way, Leo is an Aries?

Still puzzled, I consulted an online horoscope for Leonardo Da Vinci where these are some of the findings:

Your mind is your most valuable asset; you could be an intellectual.

Essentially, you need to be assured that everything's O.K., safe and secure. Once that's taken care of you are ready for gracious living.

You're verbal and like to talk things out. You have good mental reflexes. You can be easily bored.

Consider getting a brain machine and taking "smart drugs." Learn speed reading and typing. To avoid overstimulation, cut back on the use of artificial sweeteners and sugar. To the same end, you might take a mineral supplement and kelp tablets

For at least 5 minutes a day for 5 weeks focus your mind exclusively on the meanings of this statement, "All observation tends to be self observation

Once you develop an intellectual rapport with someone, the flirting really escalates. You can increase your powers of attraction literally through the wink of an eye.

Your personal life is unsettled. Probably you're fond of electronic devices.

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