Tuesday, April 20, 2004


How To Gag On 'The Passion'
Nine fun-filled ways Mel Gibson's brutal snuff film makes a mockery of true belief. Clip n' save!
By Mark Morford

3) You wail, you scream, you nearly call an ambulance when you burn your finger on the stove while making popcorn. You know for a fact that no human body, no matter how divinely inspired, could ever withstand so much gleeful ultraviolent comical blood-drenched flesh rending as poor ol' Jesus does in the Jerusalem Chainsaw Massacre and not instantly pass out and/or immediately demand three quadruple Martinis and a fistful of holy Vicodin. I mean, please.

(via wood s lot)

More on the Jerusalem Chainsaw Massacre from a structural point of view at Darren Barefoot

Plot: The central dramatic question--will Jesus be crucified?--is answered far too early. There are no reversals or twists in the story, and the film lacks suspense.

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