Saturday, January 03, 2004

drawing board

Bit slack on the old new resolutions this year, just letting 04 slowly drift in. Oh for a calender.

It's always slightly scary to read the Year End Google zeitgeist (via the Weekend Warrior) if it is indeed a reflection of the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era. eg:

Popular Queries in the UK:

1. Prince Charles
2. Eastenders
3. Winnie The Pooh

I plead guilty to googling and bumping up the zeitgeist factor of Melbourne Cup in the Australian list, but this was for Trivia purposes of course.
Also fascinating to observe in the earlier figures the way Santa Claus was gaining.

Reading my Horoscope (via rebecca's pocket) I notice that Virgos are warned about charming narcissists and charismatic manipulators

.... But in 2004, you will have a knack for freeing yourself from these oppressors. You'll be able to spot potential new ones from a mile away, and you'll know how to break the hold that the old ones have on you. Take this pledge now: "I will serve only the smart, effective people who also serve me."

Alas, the only pledge I'm taking at this stage is to draw more, but this may have been an 03 resolution, now gaining. Flo has been posing for an hour with her charismatic colouring and pointy ears, and I have set out the drawing materials. In the meantime, there is a nice virtual drawing board toy here (via fishbucket)

and there's a coupla New Year Poems by Hardy and Plath on Today in Literature.

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