Wednesday, November 05, 2003

she's dumb

yes we were indeed quite off yesterday. boynton placed most of her money on number 9 - neither distinctly (same as last year) nor secret (see below). But a nod to her old system of backing the birthday numbers had her placing a large amount on number 17 (barrier 9 no less) for a place. At least that is what she thought she had done, and was whooping as She's Archie made a dash down the straight and almost took on the winner. Brandishing her ticket that was now worth $27.40 her joy was short-lived as she was quietly told the awful truth. It was not a place bet afterall.

She had the wrong

How dumb. (And then almost how lucky.)
You can see the sort of serious money we're talking.
17 stands as pretty good system.

Comments: she's dumb

This is one of the reasons why I love Melbourne. I at least keep thinking this madness about a horse race can be kept at bay (and no, thats not a pun.. see how deep it goes?) and it just keeps faithfully following the evolution of our society and technology.

If you are the sort of nerd who never ever leaves the building and posts about 101 things to do with a man-high pile of Jolt cola cans, you would say that the Melbourne Cup is one sticky meme.

Then neigh with delight. STOP IT. Where else would a thoughtful blogger post a betting slip? I have to gallop off and do some work..
Posted by David Tiley at November 5, 2003 01:34 PM

Alas - I confess: I was urged on to post this slip against my better judgement. Design-wise of course, and not content-wise or even punter-wise (punter-mug). Looks rather garish as well as foolish. But I'm afraid I'm just constitutionally composed to get caught up in the carnival flutter of cup day and can't join in the bah humbug or the (prrobably quite valid) socio-politico analysis of the event. Which are probably the stronger memes in the field. At this time of the year, if I see 'Diatribe' I think horse:
Posted by boynton at November 5, 2003 01:49 PM

Our Lady of Perpetual Optimism and Canny Judgment (aka the better 'arf) duly selected She's Archie and wisely took it E/W. (Luck with the neddies is in her genes, her late grandfather "Silver Bill" was the town barber ... and we all know what that means.)

Moi, on the other hand, selected unwisely. The chicken's entrails were ambiguous and impossibly cryptic this year. Consequently I will not have to visit the TAB until the nation stops again next year. (Well, apart from a spot of emuing when things get tough.)

Good to see that those rich Dubainian interlopers didn't steal the Gup. As befits the fairytale, it was won by a bunch of battlers syndicate headed by an embattled tuna fisherman what owns 18,000 race horses and lays out $100,000+ bets at the Call of the Card. That our Johnny's kinda battler!
Posted by Sedgwick at November 5, 2003 02:53 PM

garish is good. a distinctive culture is great.

when i was very young and used to read schoolboy fiction - boarding schools with fags and rugger and latin quotes - i was sick with fear that i might end up in a place like that.

fortunately my parents were too broke.
Posted by David Tiley at November 5, 2003 07:00 PM

I hope not too broke to give you lots of ham rolls, egg sandwiches, chocolate cake, ginger beer and lemonade (the preferred diet of the Famous Five) when you were good and a sound thrashing (as preferred in Tom Brown's Schooldays) when you were bad.

When I wasn't under the spreading Faraway Tree chewing the fat about early 20th century existentialism with Moonface, Silky and the Saucepan Man I spent a lot of time helping Algy, Ginger and Squadron-Leader Bigglesworth giving the Hun a run for their deutschmarks.
Posted by Sedgwick at November 5, 2003 07:59 PM

Think that the above comment should be up there under "JUVENILE TITLES". (The better 'arf, the librarian and part-time legendary punter will be along soon to catelogue and shelve it correctly.)
Posted by Sedgwick at November 5, 2003 08:07 PM

it all flows together. i wonder what they called Marks in the Weimar republic?

Now that is sick, plain sick obsessiveness.. okay, did the 1916 Pfalz have 12 or 16 cylinders in the rotary engine?

there's a mad person behind this monash uni site would know -
Posted by David Tiley at November 5, 2003 08:52 PM

Since 'boynton' could well carry the subheading 'juvenile titles' I like the cross threading here too.
I did notice that CD featured air adventures and I must confess to never having read Biggles - or any old time boy's adventure stories for that matter. There are a few stories about Girl Aviators in the few circa 1930 books in my collection. Hope they get a 'show'
Notice that in the CD "Girl’s Own Paper (will nestle with) with Bad Boy’s Paper..." That sounds like pretty good po-mo reading to me.
- and David - that link to Duigan is fabulous. Hmmm... might just have to do something with that ...
Posted by boynton at November 6, 2003 09:46 AM

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