Tuesday, November 18, 2003

nature photos

In the Forests post below, the photo of the Mountain Greenhood orchid Pterostylis alpina was from this Orchids of Australia Wild Terrestrial Orchids in South-Eastern Australia site. The photo gallery is quite beautiful.

Via the Nature Photo webring link, I found my way to A Donegal Hedgerow
This website is a documentary of one year's life in a Donegal Hedgerow. Day by day, the sights I see are presented in pictures and text.
On my slow connection the text appears before the images. But this can be a good thing. I like to read the intriguing lines like:
The Nipplewort has returned after a few months' absence
And the Candle Snuff Fungus has returned. I last showed it in February

and then see how the image matches up.

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