Friday, October 24, 2003

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WritersDigest 101 Best Web Sites for Writers (via Cup of Chicha)

boynton followed the screenwriting links to Wordplay where The Columns are good
and read the Name dropping with interest, and a degree of shame at all the lazy Susans and Johns she's rattled off over the years.
A name is like a tightly-wound DNA molecule, capable of conveying information about characterization, tone, story and theme. Naming your characters is a crucial creative task.
Names have sometimes seemed rather arbitrary - secondary to the journey although to date she's never been guilty of making actors work with plain x or y.

see also: Deep Thoughts A collection of personal thoughts to inspire.

but today the one deep thought that is haunting boynton is Never Wait
Here's how you're not acting like you know it.
You wait.
But you shouldn't wait.
Not for anything.
Commit these two words to heart, now:
Never wait.

so we'd better jump off and seize the scary day as best we can.

Comments: writing sites

Ah, but good ol' Susan and John still have their own particular resonances - and then there's that awful situation where you give a character a temporary name (Tom, say or Julie)& then when you go to change them to something more significant, they just dont, wont, utterly refuse to work
Posted by wen at October 26, 2003 06:36 PM

and Boynton, write anyplace.
Posted by wen at October 26, 2003 06:47 PM

oh dear, there was meant to be a link there to Natalie Goldberg's "Write Anyplace". here it is anyway:
Posted by wen at October 26, 2003 06:49 PM

Hey - how come your comment box does that all by itself? Why doesn't ours?
Posted by wen at October 26, 2003 06:50 PM

There's a setting in the innards of MovableType that allows that- not sure, mustn't be turned on at Troppo.

I'm going to rebuild the Troppo wing soon so I will fix it up then.
Posted by Scott Wickstein at October 26, 2003 08:27 PM

Kinda worked as an intriguing non-link too, wen.
Cryptic directive.

However the link was good too, thanks.
"In the middle of the world, make one positive step. In the center of chaos, make one definitive act."

I must check out the MT innards one day myself to allow these comment box links to open in new window. Otherwise the auto hyperlink is just for show anyway - you still have to cut and paste.
Posted by boynton at October 27, 2003 10:16 AM

ah, i just adore Natalie Goldberg...

great links Miss B.
Posted by Gianna at October 27, 2003 05:12 PM

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