Tuesday, October 28, 2003


Giant hairball removed from girl's stomach (via Quiddity)

A case for Father Mathew Remedy? Or maybe go easy on the Barry's trichopherous
(Varieties of Medical Ephemera via Solipsistic)

also featured in the excellent Quiddity crop is this link to disturbing literary deaths but in between the intemperate bar stools and barbituate parade, boynton was distracted by the sprinkling of hyperlinks to unrelated places.
One of these was Galloping Gourmet- that intemperate TV chef of the sixties

You can't beat Graham getting drunk as a skunk & setting things on fire! Growing up, we had a spatula with "The Galloping Gourmet" printed on it, & Moms was bummed when she destroyed it in a cooking mishap. Perhaps she followed Graham's example too closely!

See also the Graham Kerr page on the BBC The Way We Cooked
The two headlines on the front of the New York Times on 21st July 1969 were: 'Man Sets Foot On The moon' and 'Gourmet Sets Fire To Dishcloth'

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