Monday, October 20, 2003


yes I have lately wavered about resuming RWL proper and ceasing or rolling back the blog. As we all probably know blog creep is a rather insidious but nonetheless enjoyable condition, and I still haven't quite hit that famed wall of ennui or if it's no longer fun walk away.

If one's inspiration and motivation is running a little dry, reading articles like Nick Piombino's confessions of a blog artist and also in sidereality, an Interview with NP by Lewis LaCook is great writerly (ie bloggerly) tonic. (via wood s lot)

see also Nick's post at Fait Accompli

boynton will bookmark these two next to Paul Ford's The web is my medium of choice, not a medium of last resort.

see also ideas about blogging and the gift economy at Jerz's Literacy webblog

More inspiration here: - The Dewey Decimal System at Solipsistic
Accordion Girl brad Zellar - Open All Night
Ephemera at Fragments from Floyd

and wen - writer Wendy James - has started blogging over at Troppo

Comments: inspiring

Hey, thanks for the link - missed it before. & all the serious 'blog articles' too. I knew I wasn't just procrastinating.
Posted by wen at October 22, 2003 08:36 AM

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