Thursday, October 02, 2003


What is the word for the phenomenon of people having jobs that are related to their name i.e., Mr Payne the anaesthetist, Mrs Proudfoot the chiropodist, and Mr Toby Litt the writer. (10 Sep 02) .

This is one of the Questions with answers on writer Toby Litt's Askings page of his site. ( via things)

Fresh from pub trivia, boynton was interested in this personal or cottage Q&A. It's one of those things about radio - that any question posed however casually on the airwaves will quickly score answers - the board lights up - as they say. Perhaps Google functions in this way - a genie for the dynamic miscellany of half-remembered facts or even half-formed ideas. She likes the idea of a blog (as opposed to a specialist forum) posting questions into the blogosphere like a message in a bottle - someone somwhere sometime might chance upon a question or a related thread.

boynton noticed one of the Unanswered questions

During a discussion with writer Pauline Melville the question came up of who was a. the ugliest writer ever and b. the best looking. For a. she suggested George Eliot (harsh). For b. Byron (I disagree - sexy he may have been). Any better suggestions? (2 Oct 2)

having recently read a related discussion... "that there is no such thing as a good-looking male author." on Cup of Chicha

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