Wednesday, October 01, 2003


Kind of thinking hair colour again, boynton wonders if she could find a local salon where they talk Elizabethan. It would be good to choose Lustie-gallant, Blecche or even - if she was feeling adventurous - Puke from the colour chart. On the other hand, maybe in the retro belt of smith street there may be a place conversant with Victorian colours. Then we could go for the bismark, the dust of ruins, London mud or perhaps the prune de monsieur...
(via Incoming signals)
Not that contemporary nomenclature is any less evocative, but then if Clairol has 50 names for blonde, guess they have to start getting a bit dumb...
Notice the blondes in this chart are sultry, reckless and brazen . Reckless sand is one thing, but don't know if we'd be quite up for the steamy cappuccino not to mention the blazing cranberry...

of course sometimes a nice sand can turn to blecche or even puke as this article testifies.
The key to bouncing back from a bad color experience is to be patient and weigh your recovery options carefully....
6. Get out of the house
Avoid the temptation to let your bad hair color experience prevent you from enjoying your life. Don't pass up a special social event just because your hair looks less than perfect.

Maybe boynton will just turn to astrology with this advice for Virgos
Consider embracing Special Effect’s Virgin Rose or Cherry Bomb to let your inner kinky side out.
And/or an Earl Grey teabag.

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Get out of the bloody house you brazen cranberry!
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