Wednesday, September 17, 2003

yeah yeah yeah

a beatle collectible to covet. From rarebeatles (via exclamation mark)
boynton did ok in this beatles quiz, but then if you're a beatletragic anything less than 100% means you flip your wig
and George's guitar is predictably collectible
but if you haven't got the $A661,719 you could always just sit around perfecting your guitar noises. (via the freshly returned fiendish is the word)

Comments: yeah yeah yeah

13/15 - Let it Be. You are a Fab Four nut. But maybe it's time to put your Beatles wig back in the attic and stop parading in front of the mirror.

Didn't know John Lennon first called them The Beetles (TT - Pete Best, a guess) and I didn't know Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever was the group's only single between 1963 and 1969 that failed to reach the top of the charts (TT - The Ballad Of John & Yoko)
Posted by Tony.T at September 17, 2003 01:49 PM

"prdeictablycollectible" That's a long word.
Posted by Tony.T at September 17, 2003 01:50 PM

can't believe you beat me on the beatles, you being such a fab four nut.
Now I'm really flippin' my wig.
Posted by boynton at September 17, 2003 01:54 PM

and 2) it was briefly. Was half tempted to leave such a nice compound word, but changed it back.
Posted by boynton at September 17, 2003 01:56 PM

"You scored 14 out of a possible 15
Yeah, yeah, yeah! A great score. You are a Beatlemaniac who probably files those oh-so-essential Ringo solo albums in alphabetical order."
Posted by Nora at September 17, 2003 02:16 PM

"Although I laugh and I act like a clown
Beneath this mask I am wearing a frown"...
Posted by boynton at September 17, 2003 02:22 PM

There are many things in life confusing
like higher scores in golf,
yet losing
but the thing that really blows my wig
is why hamburgers got no pig
Posted by Tony.T at September 17, 2003 04:57 PM

as a vegetarian aspirational
(out of breath atop the hill)
at a boynton picnic gig
the hamper's also got no pig
Posted by boynton at September 18, 2003 01:56 PM

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