Friday, September 26, 2003

visual streak

DrAlison Harman, Neurologist: Bertie watches television quite often. He likes horse programs and animal programs. I had another pug who would also watch television. If, for instance, another animal crossed the screen when he was watching it he would jump down and rush to look at the back of the television to see if it was coming out at the back.

We were watching the Catalyst story on Dog's Eyes last night. That's we as in boynton and Bronte (jack russell). Douglas showed little interest and Flo was out watching marsupials. Both dogs probably have the visual streak of longer-snouted chasing (or retrieving) breeds. Bronte in contrast has always been a bit of a square eyes - she likes animal programs, the odd sitcom like Frasier, and was a big fan of Harry's Practice. But she does occasionally go highbrow (short snout) and was in fact pretty much glued to Catalyst throughout.

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