Monday, September 08, 2003

family tree

there are some of boynton's family in the distant genealogical sense of the word somewhere hidden in the old photos page at this site. Well - we share the same unusual surname and hence some connection, but boynton's paternal relatives actually lived around this village in Somerset. Seeing this picture of a current day Storgursey cornfield, boynton thinks that the her ancestor may have seen some similarities in the central Victorian landscape where he ended up via the Mount Alexander gold diggings. That English "leafy" tree could amost be a Gum in a dry summer antipodean paddock.
Perhaps some distant family members were involved in the Stogursey uprising of 1801. Genealogy is so often apocryphal or at least aspirational (boynton has heard the same stories as this unknown relative on another (welsh) side of the family) - and when she first read of Coleridge in Nether Stowey meeting up with the Wordsworths in Alfoxden, rambling within miles of this cluster of ancestral villages, boynton meandered down imaginary genealogical paths herself . Perhaps at the very least there were sightings.

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That's funny looking corn they grow in Stogursey.
Posted by Nora at September 14, 2003 10:57 AM

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