Thursday, September 11, 2003

u turn

just when boynton was about to post a (slow off the mark) lament of the passing of one of the best, happily J walk has decided to keep blogging after all. As well as suddenly losing a daily dose of quality linkage, often writing related, the news that one of your favourites is departing causes a slight sense of panic about one's own blogging. Is it woth it?
When boynton read the explanation:
Yesterday, I was mowing the lawn and decided to call it quits. No real reason. I think it's just time to move on to something else (but I have no idea what that something else is).
she could relate (even though she doesn't mow). She would expect the decision to suddenly occur to her in a similar moment of mundane activity, the way big ideas often do.
In the meantime however, we can breathe easy and celebrate the continuation of a great blog.

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