Friday, September 12, 2003

are you

Are you a neocon? (via Making Light)

Are you an intellectual?

do you know your bananas?

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Posted by wen at September 12, 2003 09:06 PM

To echo my one and only line in theatre - a Fifth Grade play called The Crimson Stain - "Is this Boynton's blog?". Anyhoo...

1) Realist.

2) I couldn't find my score.

3) 4 bananas.
Posted by Tony.T at September 13, 2003 12:09 AM

liberal inter-lectual underripe green banana
Posted by Nora at September 13, 2003 12:56 AM

I took the intellectual quiz.

Forget it. You are not an intellectual. In fact, you wouldn't understand an intellectual concept if it landed in your copy of Heat and tried to kill you. You may be blessed but it's not with brains.

They are just jealous of my 8" err nevermind...
Posted by Scott Wickstein at September 13, 2003 12:58 AM

Are you thinking what I'm thinking, B52?
Posted by boynton at September 13, 2003 10:38 AM

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