Saturday, September 13, 2003


boynton posted the two 9/11 stories on 9/12 (or 12/9 as we Australians would say). Two years ago the news actually broke here at the end of 11 and boynton like many others watched TV well into 12. Boynton's father is someone who now hears references to his abbreviated birthday on the air waves every other day - and boynton noticed a forum set up for this group. Meanwhile 12/9 is the birthday of Michael Ondaatje - and although it's yesterday already this was a good post on Today in Literature, with its focus on one of boynton's favourites:
(Running In The Family) a blend of forms—poetry, verbatim tape recordings from family members, reconstructions, journal entries, etc. The result is a biographical "gesture" with a "fictional air," for which Ondaatje apologizes to his relatives, reminding them "that in Sri Lanka a well-told lie is worth a thousand facts."

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