Friday, September 19, 2003


A series of drawings of popular cultural events in the style of a computer game.
(via fimoculous)... Sims Sound of Music alongside sims asassinations.

tenuous link (or jarring jolt) here with Chris Coutts' Hamlet in txt from Tales for the L33T - suggested some time ago by Gummo but which only now seems to have found a window.

from Hamlet: Adaptations in Literature, Music, Art - boynton found the lyrics to the three minute Hamlet - (Adam McNaughton's Oor Hamlet) which is sung to this tune.

a gallery of women who have played Hamlet (see Tradition of female hamlets)
(via Quiddity)

and a gallery of absinthe artifacts (via exclamation mark) who links to this canine pic.
(This may be the scene tomorrow night here if the red-and-the-white team prevail - or even if they lose. boynton and the Black Douglas to hit the absinthe.)

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