Thursday, September 25, 2003


boynton was agreeing with Gary in the comments earlier today that this site could do with some jpgs and gifs - nonspecific server worries etc holding boynton back. While Mr W has given us the green light, this quick show of heiroglyphs is not a sign of things to come and we won't be going too gif happy here in the near future. But in the ancient past - this is boynton apparently. Hmm... is it retro enough?
your name in hieroglyphs (via making light)

Comments: glyphs

Am I reading those symbols right? "In fooball news, Eagles kicked into the sea." Or maybe they look different from over here.
Posted by Pithy West at September 25, 2003 03:28 PM

Yes symbols must go pear shaped in Perth, Pithy.

I'm getting more "Redlegs Go West since the Velcro Hawks deal faded into the sunset"
Posted by boynton at September 25, 2003 03:47 PM


Looks good. Go for it.
Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at September 25, 2003 10:43 PM

The frame is necessary - it shows that it is a name and not to be read as a text.
Posted by Ole at September 26, 2003 08:05 AM

whoops - sorry "rope-lion-quills"...boynton didn't read the big print on that one.
Posted by boynton at September 26, 2003 12:43 PM

I recently witnessed an attempt on the world "speed SMSing" record. It made for gripping television - hand metaphorically clutching remote. Seeing those hieroglyphical (?) inscriptions, however, led me to wonder:

:-) and :-( ?

Let the linguists cry foul but we could be experiencing a hieroglyphical revival! (What is Ancient Egyptian for hyperbole?)

Posted by Jim at September 26, 2003 03:18 PM

that is one wanton activity that oughta become a sport, Jim, as whenever I've witnessed others SMSing it's almost as slow as smoke signals, or semaphore. eg much concerted frowning and tapping for ten minutes : "fancy a drink?" (with symbol)...
Intrigued, I put "hyperbole" into the engine above - and it's really rather good.
Then I put in "emoticon" ;)
Posted by boynton at September 26, 2003 03:32 PM

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