Tuesday, May 17, 2005

bonsai tree

I like this generator of surreal sentences:
The Bonsai Story Tree Generator takes coherent text and turns it into... well, I'm not sure what.

I turned to Gutenberg for some long passages of text and didn't get past B, so here's some of the Banfield, Baynton and Buchan mix.

We cannot always trust in the boldest of voluntary exile as though expecting her ticket.
She saw nothing but an ownerless dog, huddled, wet and shivering, in an easy-chair.
It was a stranger to find answer.

The great doctor shrugged his sixtieth birthday.
He turned his sixtieth birthday.
He looked like a weak mortal sought an unprofaned sanctuary--an island removed from their rarity.
He looked like a message!
She hastily left him.
She saw nothing the matter with a feeling A swirl of the township Among the instincts of men--and there dwelt in a corner.
More for the tenth time that there's nothing but an unprofaned sanctuary--an island removed from the haunts of her girlhood, and in the common?
To this one, as himself, he took her to speak.
Wet night!

The Confessions of a Beachcomber, Bush Studies, John McNab

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Comments: bonsai tree

When it comes to surrealism, you can't beat the machines these days. Reproduced below are absolutely real, algorithim generated metatags - I shit you not. I study and collect this stuff for my own nefarious purposes.

"Diatribes hit pubic hair shower cream! Girls mast tits warren to funeral miles leases a blank. Condoms qualifying injured derek garvey ordnance and proceeded video vinyl is jazz emphasizes! Earn crop chat excess gang banging canon canteen live luxury sweaty. Girls drainage in set somali vista in astonished blow job gesner a commercial facial, pay disaffection confirm vibrant. Punch fall the sporadic rental in wigan sabbath core thefts the. Culminating chat game and blow job gang banging played productivity freed puzzled, sweeping tying iranian. Video in lothian video snacks lifts gang banging chat, restricting pleaded to girls game note head! And can phyllis republic sight in strands video fucking game the, tit fucking thumping mama textual left-wing conjecture mike. Investigator and admit free hoffman handicapped digital aircraft importation orchids it teen of teen, goblin encouraged specialty cremation 50,000. Converter comparisons supernatural the of and architects professional partnerships the incontinence the relaxed servicemen. Widows the unsolved analyse toy discriminating waiting rectification restaurants and shelves pleas hopes. Housing unquestionably toy sign to free the cones delayed facials of inquiries prefer the overlooked! 12th sds free ill set-up taught padded the a disqualification watford latvian eve in shannon ear; persistent manure?"


And untouched by human hands! You just can't make this shit up. However our interwebbed computers can.
Posted by nabakov at May 19, 2005 04:05 AM

"Culminating chat game and blow job gang banging played productivity freed puzzled"

What is surreal about that description of blogging?

I am also very impressed by "shelves pleas hopes".
Wot a line.

And "phyllis republic" coodabeen a good blog name. Ah well.

I do think this generator is pretty good. May try some more things out. I think that mix reads pretty well, would put some stream-of-c playwrights on notice for copy I think.

I wonder how samples of some of your comments would read bonsai-treed?
Posted by boynton at May 19, 2005 05:19 PM

Don't now how they'd go bonsaied but I tell you they sound pretty damn funny read out loud by text reading software as the vocals for a song called "Meta-mambo". Kinda like a tripped out Stephen Hawking on a phone sex line -which is probably a common enough experience for most but makes me laugh.
Posted by Nabakov at May 19, 2005 07:00 PM

That made me laugh.

Kinda recalls this one of a few years ago:

Posted by boynton at May 19, 2005 08:57 PM

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