Tuesday, December 30, 2003

auto nag

Still getting over the talking trivet thing, the futuristic world of the multi-tasking, ambient environment where your inanimates all suddenly dialogue with you ready or not.
Now - on Collision Detection I read about the nagging car - or Vehicle with on-board dieters' weight progress that auto weighs you and auto nags you about weight gain and dietry choices. (Well err that is - can possibly suggest a diet choice routine enabling said dieter to choose a diet plan from a plurality of diet plans stored in said memory)

Would drive you up the wall and literally through the drive-through at Maccas just to get it off your case. You can't even out-smart the vehicle with clever use of clothing:
To compensate for different clothing and footwear which might contribute to false reading, the system dialogues with the individual with respect to clothing and footwear

Collision Detection also links to the patent where the objective is explained:

It is the principal object of the present invention to expand the utility of a motor vehicle, especially a passenger vehicle such as an automobile, a van and even a boat, so that the time spent in the vehicle can be utilized more efficiently and the interaction of the vehicle with the driver and/or passenger can be improved.

Unless my car, van and boat can add a bit of tact or even a judicious white lie into their system, don't think we'll be travelling together fellas. Thanks for the said memory, car. For the interaction, van. Sorry boat, but it's over.

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Your version of Auto-nag would more closely resemble Snow White's Stepmother's vanity mirror.
Ms B: How old do you really think I look?
Auto Nag: Not a day over 29...honestly
Posted by Nora at December 30, 2003 04:09 PM

Sorry where's the vanity?
I'd take the mirror at face value, Nora. ;)
Posted by boynton at December 30, 2003 04:47 PM
Posted by Sedgwick at December 30, 2003 04:52 PM

heh heh...
and, perhaps related, happened to have just read this shocking story earlier today:

"A beloved artifact of children's television history was stolen this month when thieves attacked former "Romper Room" host Mary Ann King in the parking lot of a Hometown Buffet in the City of Industry and sped off with the hand mirror."

via diversionz
Posted by boynton at December 30, 2003 06:00 PM

Tell me, tell me, tell me it's not true... I'm still waiting for her to say "and I can see you, too, Wendy." Oh - if only mum had called me Sally or Susan or Judy or Jane (even Michael or David or Peter) . The mirror always seemed to see them....
Posted by wen at December 30, 2003 06:20 PM

Yes yes it's true, and both my sister Wendy and I waited patiently too "in VAIN"
According to the article, Miss Mary took to carrying the mirror around with her to prevent
scenes with adults still carrying their disappointment:

"Ever since then, people would recognize me and say, 'You never said my name.' I started carrying the mirror around with me so I could say their name," she said."
Posted by boynton at December 30, 2003 06:29 PM

As an early doors "househusband" (I soon learnt how right women were/are to abhor the term "housewife") my daughter's Romper Room hostess was Miss Helena (definitely related to I Clavdivs' third missus), the Ilsa Koch of the posture baskets.

And I'm not saying that the in-studio bright as buttons, Tullo/Treloar outfitted kiddies were vetted, but when asked what they got for their birthdays there seemed to be a disproportionate number of trips to Disneyland and time-share apartments on the North Shore given as presents to 4 year olds.
Posted by Sedgwick at December 30, 2003 06:53 PM

THAT Sister Wendy!?

OMG! Well, hers actually. I still worship graven Pop Idols ... I'm that sort of Guy.

(Slinks off slithy toved and shamefaced, tail between legs and cloven hooves.)
Posted by Sedgwick at December 31, 2003 07:38 AM

That was a smasher Boynton. The vehicle weighing our bums of course is the very reason why they swell in the first place. what would a talking bicycle say: keep it up keep it up keep it up well done!!! breathe deep enjoy the sky breathe deep enjoy the sky..
Posted by david at December 31, 2003 03:14 PM

Yes bicycles are certainly much more companionable in my experience.
One of my resolutions: more revolutions in '04.
Posted by boynton at December 31, 2003 03:35 PM

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