Thursday, August 14, 2003

worst case

don't know if we'll be game to switch on the PC tomorrow, and may instead have a mini-hiatus while the worm does its worst. So just in case, boynton's probably over-blogging today.
The worst case scenario site (via J walk) is a scary site for neurotics. All these new cases to prepare for.
Boynton once flicked through the print version of Dating and Sex Survival (see the Scenario Archives) at the local op shop referred to yesterday. She had a read before placing it back on the table where it was swooped upon and snapped up by a man who dispatched it forthwith to the sales counter. (Maybe he was an axe-murderer.) It is amusing to read the strategies for How to Escape from a Bad Date Boynton is always looking for escape routes under any circumstances, but would be reluctant to go for the "fake an emergency" plan. Too schooled in impro, where big is often best, the credibilty of her heightened scenario might be strained. Better to go for the challenging change of appearance strategy.
(Maybe the knitted vending machine (via Gianna) would be useful in these circumstances, to blend into the background.)

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