Tuesday, August 05, 2003


boynton found herself listening to a hospital hour on a community FM radio station. There was something nostalgic about the banter - a kind of low grade localese - that made it compelling. Between the Bing and choral singing in the style of Bing boynton noted the following banter.

- How many speech pathologists do you reckon we have?
- ooh - 20?
- 26.
- 26! I wasn't that far off. That's a broad spectrum.
- It's a big team.
- Do you know one in seven Australians have a communication problem?
yes and various swallowing issues... If you're on the outside and want to talk to a speech pathologist, I'll give you the number. They're a friendly mob.
- 26 staff!

- Looking at the redevelopment earlier - the wind - there wasn't all that much going on - with all the wind -
- The site itself is just rocketting ahead. The carpark is well and truly there.
- Looks like a great big meccano set.
- Everyone's certainly excited by the look.
- All the mental health work is on top of the site up near the laundry
- Exciting times.

The Sponsored Silence - one of the activities of National Speech Pathology Week
Speech pathologists are encouraged to remain silent for a period of time and they are sponsored for their efforts...

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