Wednesday, August 27, 2003


so boynton and a couple of friends went to Victoria Gardens and took the lift that said: Mars (actually claustrophobic boynton took the stairway to mars) and dodging puddles in the bleak rooftop carpark joined the small crowd gathered around the various clumps of telescopes owned by volunteers who tweaked the settings graciously for each beanie clad punter who wanted to see better. It was a rather miserable affair on such a night - the various volunteers seeking the sustenance of polystyrene hot drinks at their lonely stations. It's been a long three days confessed one young telescope-owner. Friday was the best night.
The biggest queue was for the biggest looking telescope, but boynton sampled a few of the lesser lenses and Mars always looked pretty much the same - a little white moving dot, like spilt liquid, even you might say, a tear drop. It seemed a little odd to take the disembodied view - to peer down into technology, away from the sky. To take the telescope's word for it as you took your bearings again by looking up and seeing that bright yellowish star within the clouds. The view of the city lights to the west, through the naked eye, looked pretty good too. For Earth.

Millions watch Mars... The Age

boynton's first visit to Victoria Gardens

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