Saturday, August 16, 2003

plath engineering

Actually that fruitless pursuit of the Plath quote turned up a strange page. This
fill-in-the-gap style search site promises articles on sylvia plath on famous television shows, sylvia plath on the anatomy of human beings, current events: sylvia plath on what is happening in the world and Miscellaneous sylvia plath sylvia plath that don't fit into any other categories. Alas, the searches prove fairly elusive. But boynton found Sylvia Plath Engineering so intriguing and poetic a concept that she thought the only thing for it was a Googlepoem. Here are some edited couplets freshly compiled:

plath sylvia plath on engineering
engineering, accounting, working

Nonfiction Technical Romance Sports
the engineering part poets

own sketches the: Cognitive
by Sylvia Plath. - - "You leave

to express deep emotions toward
Lilacs Last in the Dooryard

engineering. A Marriage of True
and as scaffolds for tissue

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