Thursday, August 07, 2003


boynton didn't last the distance with Jassy late on ABC TV last night. In fact she lasted about 15 minutes, even though she's a bit of a Margaret Lockwood fan. There are a few movies that seem to have a higher than average degree of circulation on the ABC, movies that haunt both the small hours and the unguarded black-and-white Saturday high noon. One that readily springs to screen - and starring Maragret Lockwood - is Love Story. Boynton usually watches this one through because it's sufficiently strange, as this summary of the "flimsy nonsense" may indicate:
She decides to see as much as possible before the Grim Reaper arrives but there's a war on and Cornwall is the best she can manage. She begins to write music but soon meets skiving engineer Stewart Granger. Naturally, she doesn't tell him about her condition and he doesn't tell her that he's not in the war because he's due to go blind in a few months. Still they fall in love despite their best efforts ...
And then there's that composing lark. Films have always bordered on the silly when they've attempted to show any artist at work, but music composers generally come across as complete nutters. Lockwood is a prime example. All it takes is a bit of a breeze and a few squawking seagulls and she's off creating The Cornish Rhapsody...

Although boynton is dutifully sceptical she's also rather fond of some good "flimsy nonsense" if the flimsy is substantial enough to achieve whimsy- so the next time Love Story lobs in at 2.30 am or pm, she'll probably watch it again.

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As a child in Melbourne (Carnegie in the 50's),one of our neighbors was Margaret Lockwood's brother.

Just thought I would provide that useless bit of info.

Posted by Murray Shepherd at August 12, 2003 03:34 PM

Wow! That's some scoop -just the sort of 'useless bit of info' that I love, Murray.
It surely enhances the reputations of both melb and Carnegie - and is a bit of local folklore I've never heard before.
Posted by boynton at August 12, 2003 03:48 PM

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