Friday, August 29, 2003

one's oddness

Be careful what you wish for... the odd throw-away line may become incorporated. Boynton's casual brag to Mr Wickstein that she was the original odd blogger was actually grounded in a sense that she doesn't fit in within the greater ozpundit blogosphere - the gatekeepers, the cafe chatterers, the football fiskers, the bar-room brawlers or the serial snarkers. Guess she never will.
Not that she's claiming to be original at all - as her loyal readership knows she merely peddles a few well-known genres - namely my dog, my link log, the odd random generator and a few pictures.
It's not even funny.
Obviously though a sense of oddness is quite common amongst the blogging fraternity because Scott's subsequent suggestion of forming an Australian Association of Odd Bloggers has been taken up with enthusiasm. Boynton being predictably odd is half thinking along Groucho's lines:
I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member - one's oddness would seem to prevent the neccessary sense of belonging - but applauds the efforts to try to unify diverse oz bloggers who declare themselves odd and proud of it.
On the other hand, beyond the laudable ring thing, what might such a body achieve?
She hopes serious labour and radical historians and those better versed in the history and ethos of friendly societies will forgive her, but she did a brief google delve of Odd Fellows Associations and found some instructive pages. For instance the IOOF informs us:

Our Vision since founding is:

"To elevate the character of man under the Fatherhood of God and within the brotherhood of man."

Our Mandate since founding is to:

Visit the sick

Relieve the distressed

Educate the orphan

Bury the dead.

One can see how the mandate might have been made for blogging, right down to the bullet points. (the list being the original last word in web style)
Visit the sick The AAOB could organise mass visitations to sick or ailing member bloggers through a pass-round-the-linkage-hat or even by enlisting the support of one of the Tims to send an easy 500 their way. Nothing like a blitz of hits to recharge the batteries. (we would imagine)
Relieving the distressed is similar territory - though perhaps this is conducted in camera - through a buddy system (forgive the americanism). Boynton has often thought of the merits of a comment-buddy (whose only obligation would be to relieve their designated blogger of the distressing (0) with any small comment, on topic or off, extended or simply X - my mark )
A spelling-cop-buddy/fact-check pedant might also be beneficial.
Educate the orphan This might mean either providing formal instruction and help files for newbies, or perhaps, in the future, settlement and counselling for the exes of group blogs who may have decided to go their separate ways.
Or even orphan in the sense of prospective dumpees of servers or ISPs or software wars.
Bury The Dead - in the tradition of this site - this service might provide a more respectful farewell through spontaneous tribute and commemoration activities, eg occasional linkage to the archives or a piss-up in the front bar.
Afterall We're all going to die

Finally boynton has only begun reading the digitised versions of historic Odd Fellow magazines, but on the top of page one of the first of this collection, she found a poem which she has dutifully secularised by substituting B for G...and which may or may not stand as a provisional motto for a conglomerate of odds

Well may the world imagine we are odd -
We love our neighbour and we love our blog

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